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Press Quotes:

“Mr. Ulasiuk is an artist of depth and mastery, with unwavering conceptions which capture his listener…. Along with ample power and technique, Mr. Ulasiuk revealed sensitivity and soulfulness at all the right times…. His playing always had direction and dramatic shape…” – Steinway Artist Dr. Rorianne Schrade, New York Concert Review Online Magazine

“…Mr. Ulasiuk’s performance delivered an outstanding expression of finesse, lightness, charm, technical mastery, and depth of understanding of style that is quite exceptional. He is undoubtedly one of the finest musicians I have heard…” – Nina Drath, President, Fryderyck Chopin Society of Texas, Inc.

“This is truly a special artist. He paints with his fingers. A live performance is an electrically charged event, from which you come away transformed.” – Steinway Artist Dr. Pamela Mia Paul, concert pianist and Regents’ Professor at the University of North Texas

“Impeccable technique, virtuosity of a highest level… every single phrase was thought through – simply fantastic!” – Suncana Basic, of the Croatian newspaper Glas Slavonije

“There are times when a reviewer simply decides to put pencil and paper away and enjoy the music, and this was one of those times. The remainder of this well-crafted program only confirmed one’s initial impression that Mr. Ulasiuk is an exceptional artist.” – Dr. Rorianne Schrade, New York Concert Review Online Magazine

“…unlimited professional abilities such as rich artistic potential, musical and technical freedom, skills of concentration, genuine sense and understanding of style, sound palette and many other facets of an aspiring artist, which place him among extremely promising young musicians.” – Pianist, pedagogue, and Steinway Artist Eteri Andjaparidze

“Dzmitry is known for his electrifying performances, flawless technique, evocative interpretations, and musical panache. His musicality is unsurpassed; he fills his performances with raw emotion – powerful, yet always in control.” – Dr. Janet Landreth, Founder and Director, International Keyboard Odyssiad® & Festival, U.S.A.

Media reviews

Full press review of Carnegie Hall recital by Dr. Rorianne Scrhade, New York Concert Review Online Magazine

Full press review of recital in Croatia by Suncana Basic, of the Croatian newspaper Glas Slavonije


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